This site was set up by Peter & Kalpana to tell you about our get-away in Granada and the weekend rental of our guest studio apartment.

Here we tell you the why, where and how to visit this delightful corner of Spain.

I’m sure if you are an experienced traveller you have been in many cities around the world sitting in the main square wondering: Where do the locals go? Where is the genuine heart of the city? Where is the restaurant that gives you good food, local atmosphere and good value for money? It must be here somewhere?

It is. In Granada, there are many layers to the city that most tourists just don’t see or experience.

Just a few paces from the tourist cafes of Plaza Nueva you will find down a side street – Calle de los Cuchilleros, there is a wonderful traditional bar behind the counter of a very small typical local general food store.

A few streets away from the main shopping area you will find the restaurant Taberna Chantarela. There at lunchtime you can have ‘el menu del dia’ a three course meal with wine for 8:50 Euros from a chef who left a local 5* hotel to start-up on his own. The only downside; its not written down,  los camareros (the waiters) will tell you what’s on offer.

With our help and that of Gayle Mackie our friend and local guide we will help you discover this hidden side to Granada.

So on this site you will find sections that introduce you to the city, what to do and what we offer the weekend traveller.

Do drop us a note if you want to know more or want to stay with us to peter@mediaops.net

Here’s a warm up:-

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